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Processed by PayPal's Merchant Services (No PayPal Account Required)

Sometimes our customers get confused by our use of PayPal as a credit card processing service.  The confusion arises because PayPal started and was perceived as a "way to buy stuff on ebay from every day people". Few people know that PayPal purchased Verisign a number of years ago, positioning them as a major player in the online payment market.  Paypal's services now compete head on with services available through major business banking institutions.  more info

We use PayPal to process our credit cards, just like any online payment gateway thru a traditional bank operates.  Using this system does NOT require you, the customer, to have a PayPal account.

Why do we use PayPal?

  • It's 100% Secure 
  • It's known around the globe.
  • We can accept payments from around the world.
  • It costs less than half as much as a traditional bank, keeping our overhead down to keep our prices low!
  • We can accept all types of credit cards, online checks, credit cards by phone and more.


For more information on PayPal's payment processing services see their website by clicking here.